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There are generally two methods of “waterproofing” techniques available on the market: 1) the inside method; and 2) the outside method. We strongly recommend and only perform the outside technique. We believe that the “inside” technique only treats the “symptoms” of a wet basement. We fix the problem at the source. A wet basement is an indication of poor drainage around the foundation of your home.


Concrete Unlimited is a full service commercial masonry company offering all phases of concrete work from foundations, curbing, and flatwork. Call today for your free estimate!

Snow Removal Services

At Concrete Unlimited in Mentor, OH, we provide snow removal services for residential and commercial customers. We have the ability to remove large amounts of snow with our heavy-duty equipment. Don’t wait until you get stuck – call our crew for prompt, reliable service every time!


The experienced team at Concrete Unlimited also offers sewer construction. Whether it is installing a new sewer system in your home, commercial or industrial property, we have the experience and knowledge and handle any size job! Our sewer services include main line repair, manholes, waterproofing and much more!

Mini Excavating

Concrete Unlimited also offers mini excavating services throughout Northeast, OH. Whether you need demolition, foundations, roads or water lines installed – no job is too big or too small! Call today for more information!

Addition Foundations

Our concrete contractors also offer addition foundation services. We pour concrete for foundations and can build the block wall foundation as well.

Water Proofing

Waterproofing Process

This 4-step method solves your wet basement problems by fixing your drainage problems.


Our crew excavates the perimeter of the foundation to the footer.


After exposing the exterior foundation wall and drain-tile, our trained crew will conduct an examination on the wall for defects. The drain-tile will then be removed and replaced with new, and clean-outs will be installed. The foundation walls will be cleaned by scraping and power washing and any cracks in the wall will be filled, or “pargeted”


Our crew will plaster and seal the exterior foundation wall, which will help to prevent any water penetration.


The most important aspect of waterproofing is the backfill. We will backfill the excavated area 12-18” from the top with #57 wash-gravel, and then we top it off with premium topsoil, allowing the water to properly flow to the drain-tile.

At Concrete Unlimited in Mentor, OH, we do it right the first time – we have to!

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