Residential & Commercial Concrete Services

We serve Northeast Ohio with residential and commercial concrete services!

Residential Concrete

Concrete Unlimited offers a wide variety of residential concrete services throughout Northeast, OH and the surrounding areas. We service Lake County, Geauga County, Ashtabula, Eastern Cuyahoga County and surrounding communities. Our concrete services include driveways, curbing, concrete repairs, stamped concrete, patios, walls, garage floors and much more!

Commercial Concrete

Are you looking for a commercial concrete contractor? At Concrete Unlimited, we offer a variety of commercial concrete services for jobs large and small. From roadways, parking lots and floors to loading docks, storefront sidewalks and dumpster pads, we do it all.

Residential Stamped Concrete
Commercial Concrete
Concrete Process

Concrete Process

Installing any concrete structure (driveway, sidewalk, patio, etc.) can easily be broken down into a 5-step process.


Our trained demolition crew at Concrete Unlimited, will excavate the project area with our state of the art equipment and dispose of any debris as needed. Our crews work fast because they are efficient, knowledgeable, and skilled.


Our skilled craftsmen will use equipment and materials to create the proper sub-grade. Although we make it look easy, grading is essential to ensure proper stress load, load distribution, and water drainage. Variables considered include: subsurface soils, compaction, and materials used.


Next, our tradesmen at Concrete Unlimited, construct forms using wood, steel, and other materials. During this phase of construction, proper attention to the grade and pitch is essential. Our craftsmen make sure that you will have proper drainage once the job is complete.


Although placing concrete may look like anyone can do it, skilled craftsmen know that “pulling the straight-edge” takes a trained eye, a skilled hand, and a strong back. Not to mention that the placement must be performed expeditiously – otherwise, the concrete will harden before it can be finished properly.


Whether a three trowel finish, a float finish, or a broom finish – the finish is what you will see now and for years to come. To make sure that it is performed properly – make sure that it is done by a skilled professional. Remember – there are no erasers for concrete work.

At Concrete Unlimited in Mentor, OH, we do it right the first time – we have to!

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